Custom Draperies & Curtains

Add beauty to your home with customized draperies in Great Bend, Kansas. Draperies and valances add the perfect finishing touch to your window treatments and home décor. Count on Cornerstone Interiors for all your custom drapery needs where we can create stylish and functional window fashions in a variety of styles.

With over thirty years of design experience, you can trust that Debbie Deutsch will help you design unique custom drapery that will reflect the style of your home, show your personality, and work with your budget.

Why Choose Custom?

Custom drapery is the only way that you can be absolutely certain that your draperies will function and look exactly how you want. While ready-to-hang- drapes from home improvement stores may seem like a good choice, these draperies rarely give you the style and fit that you are looking for. Ready-to-hang draperies usually come in a few different styles and colors but only one or two sizes. Many people who choose ready-to-hang drapery have to accommodate for the improper sizing by hanging their draperies in positions that are not necessarily flattering for their room. In addition to the restricted sizes, styles, and colors of ready-to-hang draperies, these drapes are also unlined in most cases. Purchasing unlined draperies means that you have to spend more to add lining or if you forgo drapery lining, you will spend more on heating and cooling your home and your drapery color will be distorted when the sun is shining through your windows.

The Beauty of Custom Draperies

Working with a knowledgeable designer allows you to choose every single aspect of your custom drapery to make it perfect for both your décor and lifestyle. Fabric colors, patterns, fabric weight, lining, hardware, pleat type, length, width, and style are all factors to consider when designing the perfect drapery. When you choose custom, you have a say in every single factor and can choose exactly what suits you best. Because you will work with an experienced design professional throughout the entire process of designing your custom drapery, you can trust that the product you end up with will be something that you are completely satisfied with.  A custom drapery will remain functional, and will be a product you want to have in your home for many years to come.  Rather you have distinct design ideas that you want to make come to life or you have no idea where to start, and you need someone to come into your home and help you choose the perfect drapery, Cornerstone Interiors will work closely with you to make sure your custom drapery is perfect.